Welcome to Linux Mentors!

Linux Mentors is a program that is being designed to provide professional level training for high school students who are interested in computers, but are not able to attend college. Our main goal is to take young adults out of dead end, low paying jobs, and give them the skills necessary to get placed in a starting position in the IT field. Our reasons for providing this training free of charge is to allow anyone with the desire to learn and progress the opportunity to do so.


Linux Mentors will provide training in the following areas:

1.)     Unix systems operation.
2.)     Computer repair and troubleshooting.
3.)     Installing and configuring Linux.
4.)     Linux systems administration.
5.)     Networking with Linux.
6.)     Programming with Perl, Python and C.

The overall goal is to provide a solid foundation for the student to get started in the computer industry, and we feel that the above topics will cover a wide area of necessary knowledge.

Why Linux?

We feel that Linux has the potential to bring computing to low income families and students, and by teaching these groups to use and become proficientwith this system there is an opportunity for these people to elevate their social and financial situation through the use of their knowledge. Other reasons include it's technical superiority over competing products, the community it has created, and the General Public License (GNU GPL) under which it is distributed which allows students to really understand what's happening in the background, and this is vital in our opinion.


If you are interested in helping build computers, donating books or computer parts, contacting possible corporate sponsors, helping plan out the course material, or mentoring students please feel free to contact Jason Burke at jburke@luci.org